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First published on June 22, 2014                                               Updated on April 4, 2015

Dec 28-th, 2016 - After over one year of totally ignoring this website, I came up for an update. Today I watched a webinar by Anik Singal. I actually received an email from Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote a few best-selling books, the most famous one being "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". He highly recommended Anik, so that made me curious about what will he present in his webinar. Well, I didn't expect it will be so cliché - like many, many other webinars, where the telemarketer tries very hard to convince you to join their course. I did not watch the webinar in its entirety, but toward the end I've seen the lot of "miraculous" products available for those who join the program. Which is not cheap - not at all. It cost a total of about $1500. I doubt quite much that there will be many of the participants to the course who will be able to earn that amount in one year since joining the course.

I also tried to look for honest feedback about his course - maybe I am wrong and he has a formidable program. Although, the making of money comes through pushing thousands of emails to poor email subscribers. I am still puzzled by how he still manages to convince people on the internet that they can make money through this system. This is NOT how he makes money. His business is selling his COURSE.

Anyway, it seems that he took care about the feedback on the internet. As soon as I started typing Inbox Blueprint, google autocompleted "Inbox Blueprint Scam". The first website that showed up was "". The so-called review is actually not a review. It is in fact a presentation of his business, where they hope attracting another sucker into their course. They allow comments to the webpage. The catch is that the comments are moderated and so far I have not seen any really negative comments.My guess is that only the neutral or positive comments are allowed to pass through.

The website that does a review of Inbox Blueprint is "". Their review seems honest, but they actually use this review to try to get the reader into another similar program.

Apr 4-th, 2015 - After a long period of inactivity, I decided to add a few new entries in the website. My focus shifted in 2015 to put together a new website, I experimented with the WordPress platform, I got problems with tens of thousands of spam mails and fake registrations, I fixed the issues. I moved some electronics content from my old personal website to the new website. In rest, I collected a lot of electronic components that I purchased from Ebay and I intend to start making some videos. The strategy is to provide information of interest to electronics hobbyists, but to advertize both websites in the introduction.

The income that brings is very modest (between $5 to $30 per month), but the amount is enough to allow me purchase some cheap hobby-related products. And if I present these products (or I use them to build something) in a video on youtube, I could direct hundreds or thousands of visitors to these websites (ideally creating an avalanche effect - more visitors resulting in more profit and more profit into more videos, with even more visitors). One of the issues I have that I am not very comfortable speaking on the camera and I will have to make an effort to start this project.

Jan 9-th, 2015 - Last month I exceeded the payment threshold and as a result, Google deposited $118 in my bank account, on Dec 22 2014. It was the first payment I received and I was pretty excited about it. December and January so far the income was pretty poor. Probably this was the result of not updating the website in a long time. However, I put a bit of work into starting up andimporting some articles I had on my ISP website. There is no income from there yet.

December 4-th, 2014 - I haven't made any updates to the website in October and November. At all. The number of visitors has decreased in November, compared to October, however, November was a record month for profits. It was the first month when I broke over $1 per day (in fact, Google AdSense shows an estimated income of $38 for the entire month of November). Considering I haven't done any updates to the website, this is as passive an income as I can hope for. Probably if I don't do any updates, it will slowly die. It is too early to say if it will break the $1/day for December.

In the meantime I changed my opinion about Search Engine Optimisation. Rather than trying to find weaknesses in Google's Algorithm, maybe we should let Google find strenghts in our articles. I think the time and effort will be better spent this way.

On Sep 22 there are three months since this website first appeared online. During this period, I concentrated on obtaining an income from Google AdSense. This website brought in three months slightly over $50, which is more than what I was expecting.

So, if you are visiting this website to check how much money I earned through Google AdSense, click here

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If you want to see a list of cities of the visitors to this website, click on the link.

However, I identified major issues which need to be addressed. First, the number of visitors is very low, on a good day there are 20 unique visitors. Even worse, the bounce rate varies between 65% to 100%, which is very bad.

The majority of visitors arrive through the main page and therefore it is of utmost importance to provide interesting information for readers.

It became very clear nobody is interested in small earnings. The most  important question just about everybody has is how to increase the traffic to a website. The second most important question is how to convert the traffic to income.

For now, I will concentrate on finding some good keywords (long tail expressions), with low competition that would be able to bring visitors to the website. Once such keywords are found, I will write some articles to incorporate them.

Things already done

- Created an account with google analytics
- Created an account with Google Adsense
- Placed the first add at the top of the page.
- Added a new page for my interests
- Added a new page for my experience
- Added a new page for my knowledge
- Added a new page for skills to acquire
- Added a new page, scams.html
- Added a facebook like or share button

Organic Searches

Google Analytics shows that a percentage of my visitors are coming from organic searches. Unfortunately their policy is to hide the search expression that brought the people to the website.

The encouraging fact is that the bounce rate of these 24 searches is very low, only 33%. This indicates these visitors are checking some other pages, not only the landing page.

For this reason, I added in here a script that checks every visitor IP address and it checks if the referrer is blank. In case you are such a visitor, you will see a form below and I kindly request that you tell me how did you reach this website.

Your IP address is:
Your referrer is:

In case you arrived on this page from a search engine search, could you please indicate what search engine did you use and what search expression did you use?
Your support is greatly appreciated

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