Centaminute - Website Progress

First published on July 2, 2014

This page is an area where I will provide information about what updates have been done to the web site.

- Domain name purchased, found free web host, downloaded free template, created a few html pages with plenty of broken links
- Requested Google AdSense, got approval, added first add to the website.
- Applied for youtube monetization, linked Google Adsense Account

- Implemented first php scripts, to separate the main constituents of each web page - header, footer, menu, sidebar.
- Implemented a simple search function, using google custom search
- started using KompoZer for WISIWYG editing as well as Editplus for source code editing

- Installed Linux OpenSuse on an old computer, together with Apache Server, PHP and MySQL database

- Installed WordPress on Linux. I spent a few days with it, but I need to learn more about how to configure it and how to export the local website to my free hosting provider (http://www.runhosting.com).

- I found out that I already got $7.50 in my Google Adsense account. The majority of visitors come from only one website.

- Exceeded an income of $25. Still only one major referer and no organic searches identified.
- Worked to subscribe and become active to a few large forums. I am sharing some of the knowledge I have in the area of Google AdSense.

- Exceeded an income of $45. Just two referers that bring Google AdSense clicks
- Fixed some of the page titles and meta descriptions on some pages, since they are very important for SEO.
- Developing some scripts to provide useful information about a website, at Website Analyzer

- Exceeded an income of $67. The month of October has been somewhat slower. It picked up toward the end, with a day where I had three clicks on adds, totalling around $5.  I didn't do any updates to the website, because I've been away for two weeks.


This template downloaded form free website templates