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First published on Sep 20, 2014 - Last updated on Sep 20, 2014

How to rank your website highly for any long tail keyword

Check this article about on page search engine optimization and please leave feedback.

Earning an online income

First things I have to do is to check ways other people make money online. There are many valuable resources on the internet, so I have to go through them and gain knowledge. Although some websites recommend not placing ads on a new website, until it attracts some serious number of visitors (like 10000 per day), I will go through the process of creating an account and see how much money I will make for the few thousand visitors (provided there will be this many!).
The process of creating an AdSense account is very easy and straightforward. It took me about two minutes to fill in the required details.

My first attempts for a website research tool

I decided to start my own page of scripts to gather a wealth of information about any website.
You can check it here Website Analyzer

First published on June 28, 2014 - Last updated on September 06, 2014

A good read

On Aug 26, 2014 I found a nice article from Brian Dean, founder of It was interesting enough to convince me to immediately subscribe to his mailing list. I was instantly rewarded with a very interesting e-book that publishes some very valuable information about creating a successful website in very short amount of time. And by short, I mean short! The author claims of reaching 60000 visitors per month and an income of 10k per month in only 4 months. I know it is very easy for anybody to exagerate without any limits, but simply the performance of his website stands as a proof that he knows what he's talking about.


I am sometimes interested to see what is the popularity of various web sites. A few days ago I read a blog where the author was recommending people to buy a web site or blog that already makes money. So I had a look at the web site They offer a place for sellers and  buyers to trade websites or domain names.

I was not at all impressed by the website offers and their unrealistic claims.

For example, the website was sold in Nov 2013 for the amount of $25000. At the time, it had an Alexa Rank of 283680, which was not very good.  In July 2014, the rank dropped to 846190, and in August 2014, the rank further fell to 1354000, which means that the seller has employed some artificial means of improving the rank at the time of the sale. I am almost sure this web site is not making any money to the owner, which is very far away from the claimed  $4800 per month...

Some years ago, I was able to "improve" (rather falsify) the Alexa rank value of an old website ( simply by having the Alexa toolbar installed on my computer and visiting the website daily. At that time, the Alexa rank got under 100000. The website did not have more than a few hundred visitors per month and the only way I was able to make some money was by selling some products.

So buyers have to be extremely careful when purchasing a website. If they don't know anything about this matter, they should better ask some independent consultant who has experience in the matter, since it is very easy to lose hard earned cash.

Anyway, probably one of the most trusted and useful information places is Google FAQ. They discuss a series of very important topics about crawling, indexing and ranking - all what matters when it comes to organic searches (the type of searches where you don't have to pay anything).

I will present in here the Alexa rank, as it changes over time. The changes are strongly affected by the fact I installed Alexa Toolbar on my computer. The Alexa rank is grossly unrealistic for this website and, as a result, all the evaluations of the website are incorrect.

Based on the Alexa rank of 1,184,945, estimates 479 visitors/day - a far cry from the real 10...20 visitors per day.

Based on the most recent Alexa rank of 544,180, estimates of having 3235 visitors/day and it evaluates as worth $14768.

On December 4, 2014 estimates having 4084 visitors/day and its estimated worth is $19040.

This is to show how easy is to make a website appear in a better condition than it actually is. You can notice that after September 28, the rank in Australia has worsened. This is because I rarely visit the website from my home computer, where I have the Alexa toolbar installed. However,f for some reason, the global rank kept improving.

- Jul 1, 2013 - Alexa rank is ~ (no rank)
- Aug 1, 2014 - Alexa rank is 19,646,213
- Aug 24, 2014 - Alexa rank is 14,009,406
- Sep 06, 2014 - Alexa rank is 3,806,621
- Sep 09, 2014 - Alexa rank is 2,180,122 (19,491 in Australia)
- Sep 19, 2014 - Alexa rank is 1,184,945 (12,348 in Australia)
- Sep 28, 2014 - Alexa rank is 856,803 (6,135 in Australia)
- Oct 26, 2014 - Alexa rank is 544,180 (10391 in Australia)
- Dec 05, 2014 - Alexa rank is 402,695 (15535 in Australia)

Alexa ranking on 26/10/2014

As of Aug 1, 2014, has a Google PageRank of 0/10, which is as low as it can be and, considering the age of the website, can be expected. On the other hand, I found out that google only update this value once every few months and in fact they may discontinue it all together (or keep it private, for their own use).
This website has a utility to check the mozrank. I think it is a pretty valuable indicator to check if a website is popular or not. Need to be careful to enter the address either with www or without in front.
As of Sep 28, 2014, has a Mozrank = 3.39, while has a Mozrank = 0.0. In December 04, 2014, has a Mozrank = 4.55.

My other website, reached a Mozrank = 4.61, which is something that I did not expect, considering all pages but one don't have any content!
This is a rather nice website that attempts to estimate the value of a website based on a number of parameters. On Aug 24, 2014 it evaluated to $62 (it estimates the earnings as $1/month, when in fact they are about 15x larger). We will see what the future evaluation will be.
This website attempts to evaluate, but it erroneously indicate the website fails to be indexed by major search engines, which is not true. It also asks if the user mistyped the address, which is also incorrect, since the Alexa Global Rank and the number of backlinks are not null.
Evaluated the value of the website to $1. Provides some generic advise about improving the website, which may not be entirely correct anymore (apparently the google pagerank is not too important for SEO anymore).
Evaluated at $181 and it estimates a monthly ads revenue of $2, which is about 6 times less than the achieved revenue.

This is a useful website that displays in a convenient way details about keywords and top ranking websites that appear in the search engine.


On Aug 24, 2014 I decided to join the website TraffficSwarm. I will document the effects in here. The website is supposed to bring some low quality traffic, but maybe bad traffic is better than no traffic. Probably this is why so many public personalities do all kind of stupid things, just to get some press. Some people are concerned that joining TrafficSwarm may hurt their Google AdSense account. I certainly hope this is not the case. Anyway, in the next days I will check if the traffic has increased at all as a result of joining in.
You can join TrafficSwarm either with a paid account or with a free account. I joined the free account and I created a simple text add.
In order to have my add shown, I need credits. I can easily generate credits by clicking on other ads. The good part is that I am quite interested to see what other people are doing and how they try to make money. 
The nice part is that each ad has a Facebook Like counter, so I can determine which are the popular ads.
So I spent about two hours of going through the ads. Most of them are pure B*S*, I checked some using and my suspicions were confirmed on some of them, in particular
I already tried some surveys and the money generated is very little, at best it amounts to a few dollars per hour, it is a low paying  job.
Anyway, next day I found the reward for my effort of collecting the credit points. For 106 points, I got 11 clicks on the website and no AdSense clicks. That is a very unconstructive way to spend time to grow my internet business.

Google indexing

A few days ago I also found found out that google does not list all my pages. I typed into Google Chrome the command "",  and I expected it will return all the pages. It appears that Google is only aware about 5 pages, while I actually have about 20 pages. I am not sure what happens with this Google Indexing, since I have a valid sitemap.xml file uploaded to the server.
I did a search and I found out I can use Google Webmaster Tools to fetch all pages that were not indexed. I submitted each page one by one and now when I check "" in google, it shows up 17 results. I was pleased that the indexing took place in an instant.


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