The submit to 500+ search engines scam

First published on September 28, 2014

I watched today on a video on youtube that was presenting a way of earning money through clickbank. The account appeared genuine, and the earnings were there, between $75 to $200 per day. The guy described the first steps required to start making money online.

First, he recommended a webhost that was charghing a total of $60 per month, which is a huge cost for a website. The large majority of people who start a website have only minor requirements of space and speed and all they need is to pay the minimal amount (under $5.00 per month) and be able to install something similar with WordPress. He was an affiliate to this webhosting company and he would get a very nice amount from providing suckers (sorry, customers) to them.

Next, he advertised the need to use a website that submits the newly created website to over 500 search engines. I checked the website recommended ( and the website is very unpopular for a search engine submission tool. To cut it short, all the website does is gather email addresses of the people who try to use the service. I am not sure if this website does actually submit the domain name to any search engines, so please be aware before using such services. All we need is to manually submit our websites to google and bing and if we really want to, some of the other popular search engines, although the benefits are minimal.


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