Trivia - Bill Gates Wealth Gain

First published on Sep 21, 2014 - Last updated on Sep 21, 2014

How many cents does Bill Gates make every minute?

In order to find the answer to this question, we have to compare the reported wealth of Bill Gates last year and this year.

According to Bill Gates wealth in 2013 was 78.5 billion dollars. According to, in 2014 Bill Gates had a net wealth of 81.9 billion dollars. If we assume the gain of wealth happened in 365 days, he earned 3.4 billion dollars in one calendar year. This is 3400 million dollars, or $3,400,000,000 gained in one year.

If we divide this amount to 365 days, it results in an increase of his wealth of $9,310,568.49 every day!

Taking it further, this represents $388,127.85 made every hour, or $6,468,80 every minute. Hmm, this is a decent earning for many of us for the entire month!

If we got this far, why not calculate how much Bill Gates earns every second? The answer is simply $107,81/second.

In order to better understand what this mean, imagine Bill Gates finds on the floor a bill of $100. Assuming it takes him two seconds to pick it up, he would actually lose money by performing this activity instead of  focusing on his business. In fact, he probably does not spend too much time in finding ways to make money. He is a money magnet, money jumps to him when they see him! He is spending much of his time working for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and this is for the benefit of all humanity.


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